Horrible Exchange with Fatbagg


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Read the whole thread, welcome mrbush and I think we all appreciate your positivity and level-headedness despite being taking advantage of. Scary to think this type of behavior emerges even from regulars, but overall this community is pretty mature (financially LOL), tight knit, and we got eachother's back. PPG is for the birds...and Larry Amps :LOL:

This thread accomplished 2 things for me: first I won't be doing PPG anymore and second, I want one of them Bogners :D


Let me go agains't the flow of this forum and say that in my books Fatbagg is a genuine good guy and an honest person to deal with.

Recently, I've bought my second amp from him. As some of you know, some mistakes were made and to fix them, he had to sell one hell of a magnificent and rare amp.

I'm the lucky person to have landed that amp.

This deal, just like my previous one with him (earlier this year), went very smoothly.

The amp arrived with slight damage. Choke had detached and broke a power tube..
Jonathan sent me money to compensate for the new power tube quad and tech fees I had to pay.

The damage was not caused by improper packing but because one of the screws used to attach the Choke to the chassis was too short and with time it stripped itself. He still insisted on paying for the repair because the amp was fine when he sent it.

The first purchase I made earlier this year, I've made with no protection, at my risk without knowing all the drama unfolding.. (I found out afterwards about all of this). But, he delivered.

Just want to throw my very recent experience with him (2 amps purchased from him in the past 3 months)...
I would deal with him again.

And I do feel some of the shit getting thrown at him is getting way out of hands..
Substance abuse? PTSD? Come on.. this is not of anyone's concern here.