How do you tell your wife you just spent 7000 dollars on monitors?


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You don’t. Ever.


Bro KV

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Told the wife I was going to look at a new rifle. On the way home I called her and she asked how much. I told her “It cost $3300”. She said she needed to look at the bills and I said “No, it COST $3300”…….*click*

Now she even tells people that I operate on forgiveness rather than permission. She learned. LOL


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Oh man, I have no idea how I would deal with that.

The only reason I've gotten away with what I have is because I'm a bachelor, I have no doubt.

Maybe spin it as an investment 🤠


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With all the relic-ers out there, somebody should have a service where they put dust on stuff and then write 'wash me' in the dust/etc. Make it look like it's been sitting in that corner for ages.