I don't care for Marshall's


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I've never played a Marshall before
Me... only through a Fractal. I tend to gravitate toward MESA or Diezel. Weird, as even when I do slower lead stuff with emotion, I tend to pick one of those two... I like the dark, grainy feel (sound) of them. Somewhat like Vai, in that regard... warm and not sharp.


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I can understand. I had a Marshall Valvestate in the early 1990’s, so I don’t really count that as a Marshall, even though I guess it was. But from about 1995 until 2018, I never had a Marshall, didn’t desire them and didn’t care about them. In 2018 on a whim I picked up a used JVM cheap and really loved it, just really one setting dialed in but its Golden. Then last year I picked up a 1984 JCM800 and it’s a great sounding amp too.

Variety is the spice of life and tastes change. Wouldn’t give up on them. You can get different sounds out of them too.


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Long time jubilee owner and when I first got it I liked it distortion tone, but there is a lot more than that in the box. Great cleans. Great crunch by cranking the clean channel. A pretty cool rhythm clip. I am always amazed at all the tones I can coax from a seemly simple amp.