Input Impedance Diezel Amps

Thank you!
Could you be more specific?
I want to make a Input Buffer for my Pedal Board, so I want it to have the same Input impedance as my Diezels, so in case I don't use my Pedalboard i will get the same High end content from my passive PUs...
I'm afraid it's hard to get it without a tube (and each tube brand have it's own) as the tube has some impedance on the high frequency that are dependant on the gain and the load, so you would need quite a bit of components to get that right.

As for the simple the input stage (without taking the tube into consideration) there are two 1M resitor with a 22n DC blocking in between.
Thank you very much!
i will make something with a 470k resistor and a 500k Trimpot in series and go by ear!
That should get me close enough