Is the 'Bogner Amplification' website legitimate?


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I need to replace the logo on a Bogner amp/head and have found that they are sold directly from the Bogner website. Or at least what I thought was the Bogner site. When I go to [no hyperlink just in case it's not legit], maybe 5 times out of 10 I get redirected to one of those "congratulations chrome user, you are the 1000th customer" type sites. When I do make it to the site successfully the browser padlock in the left corner has a red line through it.
I can't seem to find any other 'legit' looking webVidMatesite for them apart from this one, and it's pretty much top of the page when searching for them. Does anyone know if that is actually their real site but they're just not great at optimising, or is it just a scam site? Their 'accessories' section where I want to buy the logo is also a bit sketchy, as there isn't the usual shopping basket type set up - looks like you have to email them asking for what you want and then send the money via paypal.
It all just seems a bit odd. Any ideas?
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Website's been hijacked, and sadly none of the HQ brass are in the headspace or place to get things moving over there citing everything from COVID to lack of hands-on, etc. But ya, don't do anything through the website - use direct email or call them if you can - but don't port anything through the website till she's back up and stable.

I used the contact us link from the site last week to inquire about a metal grill. Jorge responded right back and long story short I have the grill already
Definitely compromised. It has been for several months unfortunately. I just call or email them. Some days they are quick. Sometimes not so much. If you do not hear from them for a couple days I would try again.
Well, you kind of need to get to the website to find an email address wouldn't ya?
Nope let Google do the work for you just type in bogner contact info email and I'm sure you'll find something eventually. At least Google is good for some things LOL
I don’t open links to email addresses that aren’t either provided by people I know or on an official site.
why not just type that email address into a new email then? No need to click on anything.

When I enquired about a year ago, I got a response back from Jorg with the email

Their response over email isn't good, I've had a to follow up a couple of times before someone got back to me
Old thread but in 2022 I can’t get to the site. Just redirects to a forbidden message about access to the server. This is on an iPad.
If you need your Bogner fixed I’d use my own amp repairman. Bogner sold his company awhile ago. Although, his co-owner Jorge is there it’s factory workers making the amps now. The only one I think is actually still there and I’m assuming is Dave Friedman re his amps.