Is there a motorcycle thread?

Ski pants work for me Craig.

I've not had heating for over 20 years and only "discovered" them 3 years ago. Life-changing. My buddy who owns and works in a factory swears by 'em too.

If you buy them slightly-oversized you can slip 'em on and off over your jeans or other pants easily.
I ended up with good quality chaps for warmth and protection. Plus, It completes my biker outfit for two for one drink night at The Blue Oyster…

Wow chaps are a royal pain in the ass to get on. Once I get the proper length cut this should be more manageable.
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A couple more mods down. Two to go.

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Yup, as I said in another thread recently, AI seems to have trouble with fingers, foot orientation and location of body parts. :dunno:

I s'pose the software isn't yet sophisticated-enough to know better.
Recently read that Triumph is discontinuing the Thruxton after next year.
In the Harley world it's common to discontinue models. Sometimes it makes them more valuable second hand which is a bit Irish imo. I always had fun trying to get parts for Triumphs - sometimes it was very difficult. I generally sold my Triumphs just before they ran out of warranty... In fact that's why I got a BMW this time around - came with a five year warranty - so I'm not modding the exhaust for the first time in my 30+ years of riding. Sounds like a bloody vacuum cleaner but at least goes well.