J Rockett "Archer"

A little late to the party here on this, but since it was never really answered.....I've owned both the Archer and a Klon KTR. I kept the Archer. $100 less and way better build quality IMO. The Archer just simply feels waaaaay more solidly built. I thought the KTR had a hair bit more gain when maxed, but since I'm using it more for a boost that's not really an issue for me. :thumbsup: Thumbs up on the Archer from me, for whatever that's worth.
Archer is real nice, however, I did not keep it. Ended up with a TS808HW, which is very close to my KOT, but I just liked it better than the archer.
i'm late too. I have the rocket (silver) and it works great. Sounds good with my Dual Recto and my Marshall 6100. Adds exactly what i need when i need it. Sometimes i use it as a lead switch, but lately as just adding to the rhythm and lead (leave it on permanently). I thought it was pricey, compared to the Soul Food - which almost does the same thing, but this one is better.