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Ok maybe you're not biased against Mesa but maybe you're biased against modern sounding amps since you rarely recommand non-vintage amps? I'm not looking for a vintage sound personally, the music I listed should make it obvious. Would you say the badlander is in this category?
Also I've read about the Mesa quality over forums but maybe I gave it too much credit, I just wanted to let you know, that's all
Calling me biased against Mesa is comical given they’ve made some of my favorite amps of all time. I give every amp a fair chance, even solid state or Chinese made, but none of those have stayed. Not biased against any amp. I just go with what pleases my ears. The Bad Lander is a more modern sounding amp, not vintage. It seems appropriate for what you’re asking if you get the 50 watt version. If you’re budget was a little higher, there would other stuff to recommend, but I think the Bad Lander is a lot amp for the money and a very good amp period. The TC has nothing on the Bad Lander. Was an underwhelming amp for me honestly. I wonder which forum you read that on about Mesa’s. Sounds like they didn’t know what they were talking about or never adequately tried older ones to compare. Even over 30 years later I’d argue that those amps can sound pretty modern even by today’s standards. At least for the Mark series ones. They were amazingly ahead of their time

You seem to consistently counter any help we’ve tried to provide thus far with no appreciation for it. I and others here have tried many other forums in the past and there’s a reason many of us here have stuck with this one. The guys here aren’t always the most polite, but they know their stuff and have each other’s back usually
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