Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Only 10km Deep 100km from Monkey

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Yikes! Very-unusual for Australia.

Strongest I've ever felt here. Longest too; it dragged on-and-on. Just prayed, as you do.

Shaken but not-stirred. :LOL:

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They're now saying it was the strongest since European settlement, so... since records began.
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About 15 years ago I was standing outside of a Jiffy Lube getting the oil changed in my car and talking on my phone when all of the sudden beneath my feet the ground felt hollow like a subway was running under it. As quickly as it happened, it disappeared.

I went inside and was like "did anyone feel that?" and they said "No." Well, a little bit later apparently a bunch of people felt it. Looks like there was a magnitude 5 with the epicenter about three hours to the west. Pretty crazy.


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Pretty trippy and I guess pretty rare for AUS

Do you ever look at any of those earthquake tracker sites? I always find that interesting. It is amazing how many earthquakes there are every single day. I live near the New Madrid fault here in mid US. A few years ago, I went to my cabin without being there for a few weeks and some things were shaken off the walls and were on the floor. It was just a 3.0 popper that I didn't even feel at home.


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Felt a quake about 5-7 years ago. I felt the building move and a few people thought I was crazy. It was mild… and the news confirmed it. 🤣