McDonald's Big Mac


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stephen sawall":qhqq8a8i said:
I was looking at a job in Bozeman a few months ago and spent time in Billings. I've been to most of the States.
What did you think of Bozeman/Billings? I'm in Bozeman a few times a year for training/field work; it's a pretty nice place, but developing like CRAZY! But I guess that's the case everywhere. That's one of the reasons I left Colorado, getting WAY to crowded.

Donnie B.

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I noticed the McFish name was changed to Filet-O-Fish. Was anything else changed other than the name ?

Didn't they original start as a Filet-O-Fish? I'd never heard of a McFish. Never order them though.

Secret to a Big Mac is don't have them often and be really hungry when you do.
That and big bites. Like you said the first 3-4 are awesome. :LOL: