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If you use MESA what do you own and or use??
my 2 channel EVIL


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I'm a former owner of a Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 stereo tube power amp & a Satellite 60 combo amp with the EV12L speaker, and currently own a Mesa Boogie 50/50 stereo power amp now. The Strategy 400 was badass when pumped it at high volume with a couple of 4x12 cabs in stereo, but was heavy to move around and needed the extra cabs to appreciate its sound. The 50/50 is more portable, not as loud as the Strategy 400, the half power switch is nice to run for lower volume in the studio or onstage. I can run a 2x12 cab/ 2 1x12 cabs or a 4x12 cab wired for wet/dry/wet.

Guitar George
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Quad preamp & 50/50 power amp. The best Boogie rig for metal of all the Boogies I've owned.

I've had a JP2C, Mark IIB, llC+, llC++, IV's, III's, a V, a Rectifier preamp, a DC5, a Studio 22+, a Studio preamp, a Strategy 400 and a Mark IIB Coliseum.
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Moved all my boogies, but I've had :
MK III black dot
Mark V25
Mark V
Several different Recitifers
Quad pre
Studio Pre

Only one I miss is Mark III (2 of them).
Previously owned:

Studio Pre
Quad Pre
Simul Stereo 295

Now I own:

Mark III Green Stripe head
Mark IV RevB Hardwooden combo

Super excited about what I own and use right now.


previously owned more than one of the following: quad, mark I, IIa, IIB, IIB coli, III's at least one of each stripe, 2 blue stripe colis, probably a dozen various mark IV's of each revision, mark V, 1 ractofier (got stolen), 8-10 various dual, single, triple rectos, tremoverbs, rectoverbs, 2 roadsters (Combo and head). 2 blue angels, 3 mavericks, a triaxis, 50/50's, 2:90's, recto power amp, stilletto ace, stilletto 2x12 combo, dc-5, .50 caliber+, .22 caliber+, and a mini recto. i think thats it without going through all my photos. I gear flipped pretty heavily in the 2000's.
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Many Boogies over the years. Bold = still have:

Blue Angel (3), CA Tweed, DC-3, Mark I HRG, Mark IIA SRG, Mark IIB HRG, Mark IIB+ HRG, Mark IIB KRG, Mark IIB>C+/++ DRG, Mark IIC H, Mark IIC+ DRX, Mark IIC+ DRG, Mark IIC+ SRG, Mark IIC+ HRG, Mark IIC+/++ KRG, Mark IV A, Mark IV B (2), TA-30

Hardwood Thiele 1x12, Tolex Thiele 1x12 (3), Vert Recto 2x12, Metal Grille Halfback 2x12, Metal Grille Halfback 4x12