Metal track recorded with Friedman amp


My Friend recorded the guitars parts for his album in my studio using a Friedman Marsha that was modified my Dave to current specs like the BE100. It use to be 50 watts and Dave made it into 100 watts and tweaked the preamp and added an effect loop.

The amps was slaved into a Mesa Boogie 2 90 using a costume dummy load then into a Hush noise reduction unit, into a Boos GE10 eq, into a costume mixer then to the Mesa 2 90 then 2 Marshall cabs, one with Scumback M75 and the other one with H75. He used my PRS Custom 24 into a Furman PQ3 and a Fulltone OCD for Rhythms and occasionally a Way Huge Green Rhino for some leads. A ISP Decimator was used in between the PQ3 and the other predals