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Is Germino still building these for Mark?
I don't think so. From the MGL Website:

"MGL AmpWorks is part of Mark’s Guitar Loft and was started 4 years ago when 2 good friends with a passion for great Marshall amp tones got together to build a clone of a 2204 Marshall 50w head. That was myself, Mark Bishop, owner, and my good friend Guy Harvey. Guy has been a local amp builder for years and made the offer to copy the Marshall head I have owned for over 25 years. That first project turned into our first amp, the MGL50 master volume. Then from there we moved onto the MGL20, a 2204 master volume circuit based amp with a 6V6 power section.

Fast forward 3 years and many, many hours of circuit tweaking and testing! And we now offer 2 versions of each amp. Please read thru the detailed descriptions and watch the video demos. Then feel free to call or email me with any questions or to order your new MGL amp. All amps are built to order and there are some choices available to voicing each amp for YOUR tone!"


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Bit skeptical at first as these are a dime a dozen but he's done a good job of keeping the character of the amp through the sweep of the preamp gain. At lower gain it can still more or less sound like an 800 or JMP. There is always a trade off but this is really well done.