Mr. Mistake, I play an AMP!!!


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So, I get a call from our new singer, "Hey, do you want o play a set today at a party?" I'm like, cooool, sure, I'll pack my amp and guitar and meet you there. "You have to use the amp that's there, it's a Marshall! We'll play a set in-between my other band." Um, o.k., I suppose, what model Marshall? "I'm not sure, but it cranks." I'm assured that I can dial in a decent tone. Deal!

The little negative pessimistic devil on my shoulder starts to laugh, shut the fuck up I tell it, it's a Marshall. "Hee hee, haw haw." Shut UP devil!

Everyone knows what's next, right? The little devil. Ever hear of a JTM60 combo? ( ) The thing squealed like a banshee, microphonic tube in it so it squealed the whole 20 minutes I used it. What a piece of shit, it had a lump in it's throat or a real bad affinity to midrange that could not be dialed out. The horrible tone it emitted was also going up and down in volume! Then it just stopped working. Yeah. Yay. The lights were on but it wasn't talking, probably a tube, I didn't bother to look. Or give a shit.

Shame, shame. I am an asshole for not bringing my amp. Plain and simple bad judgement on my part as 90% of my tone is my amp, proof positive. Never again. Where'd I hear that before?


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I would have just got drunk and from time to time glared angrily at the singer for telling you not bringing your own amp.
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I had one of those, a combo long ago. It was so bad I’d play a TSL before choosing that pig again.
I was going to mention that it sounded even worse than a TSL100, by far the worst sounding Marshall that I've played. Most of the SS amps are not bad when you're playing by yourself or along to a song on the radio.

This amp had zero chug, the high end was around 1200k so when you turned the treble up it was like raising the 750k (middle) slider on a boogie. Scratchy pots with dead spots, of course.

My bass player called me this morning and we had to laugh, we just had to. He said that I looked like I was going cry. I had my hand over my eyes, probably because of the sun, but he said he knew that I knew I wasn't going to be happy with that amp.

The truth is, when I first saw the amp, I was o.k. with it. Once I turned it on and the pots were fucked and the amp was squealing at any volume, that was what made me freak out a little. Once we started playing and the volume fluctuated, I was probably looking like I wanted out.

The show must go on so we started out with Tool's "Sober", then STP's "Sex Type Thing", Ozzy's "Bark at the Moon", Hendrix's "Spanish Castle Magic", and the we got to "you get to keep the gold that falls" in Black Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell" and the amp just stopped, the red light was on so I walked over to the amp, twisted a few knobs, turned it on and off and declared that the amp was dead. Tube, I'm sure.


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You killed that fucker dude! Put it out of its misery. The only thing to ever come out of its speaker was probably a shitty version of enter sandman🤘