My Band Put Out Our First Full Length Last Week


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Some of you guys may already be familiar with my band, Bushido Code, as I have posted a couple of our EPs up here when we released them in the past.

Well, we released our full length album last week, and I'm honestly just super hyped on it. I think the production on it is fantastic for a smaller band with a smaller budget, and I'm super proud of the songwriting.

Check it out if you guys feel like it, let me know your honest feedback if you feel inclined!



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Sounds killer. Very pro sounding production. Give some details on the amps used.


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Sounds killer. Very pro sounding production. Give some details on the amps used.
Thanks man!
Amps used on my side:
Splawn Pro Stock 6550 - Friedman 412 (Greenback mic'd with sm57)
EVH 5150III 6L6 50 Watt - Splawn 412 (V30 Mic'd w/ SM57)

Amps on Left Side by Derrick:
Splawn Quick Rod KT88 - Splawn 412 (Eminence Speakers, can't remember what he has in there)
Ceriatone Chup 50 - Splawn 412 (V30 Mic'd w/ SM57)

The guy who produced, mixed and mastered this record did a stellar job. Shane at Cerebral Audio in Pittsburgh PA

We had a great time recording this and I'm super happy with the tones. We brought a whole pile of gear but honestly, we went with the first things we tried because they ended up sounding so good


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WOW! Killer production there BadSeed! The Splawns sound epic!

The song structures and riffs are really cool and are interesting to listen to.:2thumbsup:

Hearing alot of influences in your tunes... all are good! Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera and Killswitch Engage.


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Sorry fellas, busy week! Appreciate the kind words. This was a fun one for us to put together, the writing and recording process was a good time and I think it shows how much we put into the details on the record.

I'm also very happy with the guitar tones we got here. Everything sits in the mix just right, and the bass tone really ties the guitars together nicely