NAD : Wizard Modern Classic II


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Hi guys,
I was fortunate to get this amp. It is nearly impossible to get one in Europe and in Czech Republic it's equal to miracle and I believe this is actually first one :) Thanks to @peterc52 for excelent deal.
I have to say, it really live up its hype and adjectives huge, 3D, articulate, tight are spot on. Clarity and dynamics are excellent but there is nowhere to hide with Your playing :) This is stadium Marshall sound in Your rehearsal space. It is not best bedroom amp, but with some send/return/master tweaks it is passable but I have also Naylor and it is king of bedrooms so it is not fair comparison :) Tighness on lead channel is amazing, no need to for boost and I'm one of those 'everything sounds better with right boost'. Still in honeymoon phase and did not try it with band but so far so f***ng good.
Here is Iphone quickie


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Sounds huge even on an iPhone recording. It’s got the great clean undertone we all live for in Marshall’s. Congrats! I hear a healthy amount of mids in this video - it sounds great. Maybe do another video boosting it too? You’ve got it dialed in right!


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Regarding your comment on the Naylor and lower volumes, it took some time getting to know it, but I found I could get the MCI sounding great, and I dare say, better than the Naylor at lower volumes.
Anyway, I'm jealous. I want an MCII.


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My 'issue' with MCII and low volumes is not in the master itself. There is some sound leaking in the background even with master on 0 and You can still hear it and have to put master itself to be louder than that. I notice this with some other amps too. Maybe it has something to do with loop because there is also hum when I engage the loop. Anyway I take it to my tech today for new tubes and I believe he tell me more about that.


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What year is the amp?
My 2012 and 2016 MTL’s had a slight hum with loop engaged, my 2021 MTL MKII is dead silent, perfect.