Need Cabinet Speaker Choice Help


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I currently have 8x G12M 25W Greenbacks. 4x in a 1960ax, 4x in a 1960bx.

I once owned a splawn cab with V30s x Splawn SB’s that I loved - I only sold it because of financial reasons in college and had no speakers at all at the time.

What I’m thinking of doing is Splawn SB’s X G12-75’s to get the aggressiveness without the mid hump of v30s in the 1960bx

Then I’m thinking about greenbacks on top of the slant and Sheffield 1200’s on the bottom to give that cabinet more low end grunt.

I’m not sure if I’d miss not having V30’s at all, but does this make sense? Music wise I stay in Eb and don’t downtune but do want a cabinet to go with vintage amps and another cabinet to cover heavier grounds.

Anything you’d change or recommend?


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Only downside is the V30 hump in the mids? I feel like I can hear it now moreso than many years ago and I don’t like it, but like the aggressiveness V30s have to offer.

What about these options?

GB x G12H-75’s (Creambacks)
splawn SB x G12H-75 (Creambacks)

GB top, G12T-75s bottom
GB top, Sheffield 1200’s bottom


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Any creamback users that can please chime in? What speakers can I substitute the V30s for with similar aggressiveness without the spike in the mids? The creamback G12H-75’s seem to be close?


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Just for closure of anyone else that may come across this thread in the future, I’m going with the following:

G12M 25W x G12H30 70th Anniversary
I’m choosing this to provide a more modern voicing and to solidify the bottom end while providing something that will compliment the greenbacks. This is a proven combination that works as an alternative to V30s.

G12M 25W top, G12H-75 Creambacks bottom
I’m choosing this combination to play (more) nicely in the mids to more vintage voiced amplifiers and still handle high gain well.