New Gibson Blackout Explorer!

With the MSRP at 2K, I will wait a year and grab one at 1,200 used or less. Drop a set of Lace deathbuckers in it and cruise.
Would rather have the Lzzy Hale one.

I'll be keeping my goth explorer. With all black guitars, sometimes less is more when it comes to inlays.
I dig it including the inlays, but can't bring myself to buying a new, expensive guitar that I'll have to immediately swap the pups out on. Not into the hot pups. But, I decided to go with building another "Strat" with Warmoth parts anyway. Korina body, Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard.

Will probably see if I can find any takers to trade a So Cal Pro Mod for a used Exploder.
crankyrayhanky":1fc1wzz0 said:
Agreed on less inlays. I'm beginning to despise any inlays these days

Yep, I'm a fan of no inlays, however, if I'm going to have them I don't care for plain dots. blech.
I agree with losing the pickguard. I don't mind the inlays, but I think the price is a bit silly.

But I'm glad I picked up an ESP MX when they were still somewhat reasonably priced.
The only draw back for me is the gibson neck and my inability to play gibsons, they all hate me, dunno why but it's been a while so I may have to try again lol