New guitar day


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I picked up this 70's Harmony v666 flying v yesterday locally for $50!! Needs some TLC but nothing i can't do. Previous owner put sticker inlays lol. Took those off! Has dot inlays underneath. Even came with leather strap!
Going to do fret job and clean up fretboard and body.


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I honestly don't know who's sig that is. I can read the first name Jean but his last name is Blond.....something. i don't think whoever he is that famous lol
I will post some pics once i finish fix it up. Good thing i am removing frets because the stickers reacted with the rosewood and left dark spots. I will refinish the fretboard.
Congrats :cheers:

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Thanks. Once the frets are out, i will sand the fretboard with appropriate radius block. Will do lightly with 400 grit and smooth it out after with 1000. Then lemon oil after frets are in. Gonna put stainless steel frets. Needs new nut which i have a new bone one in tool box.