Official Car Thread

Not a car, but my last project. 1993 GMC Sierra, cammed LS Swap with TBSS intake/injectors and built 4L60E. FiTech Stand Alone Engine Management. Tahitian Black Pearl Paint. Sold it about 8 months ago, and the guy blew up the motor about a month later.
This orange shitbox has taken more work than I care to admit, but I think my record for pulling the motor is about 45min now. 1990 bmw 325i built for Spec E30. Just need to finish my comp license now

Silver brother to the shitbox is a bunch of fun. Built s14, dtm air box, track suspension and a half cage but now retired for street use. 89’ M3

Red bastard is a ‘72 Alfa GTV and good at sitting here looking pretty but frustrating me with a no crank issue at the moment. Typical Italian. Have big plans for her and will get on them now that the Orange guy is running well

Have another Italian in the stable…surprisingly well behaved. ‘16 Alfa 4C. Mostly track duty these days, but still fun on the street. Has some really…interesting engineering decisions, but has been shockingly flawless for me for a number of years. Full suspension, 6pt harnesses, minor power mods

Fine Corinthian Leather...according to Khan. :LOL:

I needed a new car for work last year and didn't know whether to buy then or wait due to the pandemic/recovery...I'm so glad I bought then. But 2 weeks after, a little pebble cracked the windshield. Not covered under warranty and not "free replacement thru your insurance" in Georgia (they do that in Florida). But I bitched and they replaced it at no charge. Two weeks later, another pebble cracks it. $550 bucks, $200 of which is a bullshit "calibration" of all the nav cameras...NONE of which are mounted to the windshield! Fuckin scam.
Not sure how to post video link to YouTube?
If you go there and look up
MrJimmymcadams all one word there is a video of my cuda running.
Found it, liked and subscribed! To get the link for your vid: click on youtube studio which will bring you to the dashboard. Click content. Scroll down to your vid, then hover around it until some icons show up. On the far right there is an options icon, click on that and choose share.