Official Car Thread

I've got a bad vintage Porsche habit.

White '72 911 - was my race car now being converted back to street
'74 914 is my wife's - in shop for paint and interior

944 is my new race car.
Aubergine '72 911 is my wife's 911


Some unbelievable rides here man. :inlove:

Mine was just your run of the mill LS swap/truck motor.. wasn't anything too impressive from that standpoint but it was a completely rebuild short block from LQK with the cam added. I believe the guy ran it too lean and killed it. When he was here checking it out the day he bought it, he kept asking me about gas mileage because it was going to be his daily. I told him I really didn't know as I had build it as a toy and wasn't my main driver. We stayed in contact for a bit after he took it home, and he had mentioned a few times that he was messing with the fuel curves to try to get the gas mileage up. I was a shame.
I don't get why anyone would be tryin' to run an LS lean.

My brother's LS2 in his new ride gives him the same mileage as his previous car, a Holden (Chev) Commodore with a 6-cylinder Eco Tech motor. For one thing, the huge torque of the LS range means you need not rev 'em out often.
When I want to see a guy drive the piss out of his Mopars (which is pretty much every day) I go to this channel. Burnouts, donuts, dirt track racing, and his daily driver is a General Lee.