Once again.... WHATS COOKING?!

Boy that sounds good to me. We are sorely lacking in decent german restaurants but I’m not lacking in german friends so I might have to talk one in to the real deal.
Our best German restaurant went out of business probably 10 years ago. Owned by a good German man who moved here to open his restaurant. He ran it like a German gasthaus and had about a 25 year run.

My sons went to school with the owners son. We became close friends. When he closed his doors he taught me all of his recipes, which had been handed down to him from his family.

We love cooking his recipes.
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Lunchtime leftovers.

I had some leftover rice so I made egg fried rice with sambal, its cheap whateverView attachment 203911
Looks good Brother. You can see the individual rice grains not clumped together. Day old rice with some nicely browned grains, proper scrambled eggs, And spring green onions as garnish added at the last. Uncle Roger would be proud. FUIYOH!
Made a gumbo





wasn't perfect by the book. for example, I didn't have okra but I added corn. I didn't have chicken broth but I added chicken. i didn't have something else but I added Delmonico steak and onion. That's how I usually roll.

Pulled out the Ooni for dinner. Nothing special, but a quick, tasty throw-together dinner. Frozen dough, store bought sauce, “pizza seasoning”, “Tuscan” cheese blend, pepperoni, pepperoncini peppers and slivered red onions… 😋