"Popular" Diezel users - past and present


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Robin Staps of "The Ocean" also used to use a VH4. He still had it when I saw them in Marburg last year summer and he used it on the last record. In fall when they toured with Opeth I think he was using a Mesa Triaxis setup.


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MourningEngine":18mi5p3s said:
Sacha from Divinity plays an ENGL SE EL34 now, although the guitar sound on their CD is a Herbert mixed with an Uberschall.

I do believe that it's correct, because my herbie came with the Divinity Flightcase :rock:


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VERY entertaining post!! Thanks for that...!!

And judging from all your ESP's, I guess there's no need in my telling you you'll love the H FR-II, they're awesome. My "incoming" is a NT-II DBSB :rock:

Of ALL the peeps mentioned in the list, believe it or not, it was my being a Tool/Adam Jones fanatic that brought me to Diezel... I bet he gets some pretty sweet shwag (eh Peter??) :LOL: :LOL:


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James from Against Me! uses a VH4 as well. He told me butch vig had them record most of their record New Wave with a vh4.

Ian D'SA from Billy talent uses a VH4 in the studio as well.


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:D I'm basically making this list for, well, bands/artists with a CD out, a record-deal, etc. but yeah... ;)


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Well, we have a CD out (recorded with my VH4 and Diezel Cab), the only thing missing is record deal :cry:


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Send me 11,44€ and I will send you a CD ;)

By the way: You can listen to some songs on myspace and our band website. And the best part, it is for FREE :LOL: :LOL:


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hey Jaymz...... seriously, in this day and age record contracts are overrated. Get yourselves out there, promote the fuck out of yourselves, play everywhere you can, use the power of the internet to create a fanbase...... you'll have MORE FUN, make some more cash than you would if you had a record deal. And If you create a fanbase large enough to pick the interest of a few record companies, you'll be in a WAAY better position to negociate record contracts.

there are tons of books DIY music career, I've read a few and they definitely have a point.

Of course we'd love to be touring arenas and playing in front of 15,000 people every night, but that doesn't happen over night, unless you're a "puppet-boy-band" and even those guys end up all burnt down just because they're a record company toy band.


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Thanks for your kind words Joey and don't worry. That is what we are doing. We played like 40 shows within the last two years, recorded a record we financed on our own and we try to be present on the web as much as possible.
You're are absolutely right, that is were you can find people who like your music and we finally have a quite respectable local fan base and even some good friends overseas.

The only thing that bothers my is, that possibilities are sometimes very limited if you are not signed to a label. For example the big mags here in Germany will always tread you records as 'demo recording' if you are not signed to a label. Or we were not allowed to play shows because we didn't have a record deal. That gets frustrating sometimes.

Still, we have fun with what we are doing and finally get some connections and friend in larger bands that help us a lot. For example: Through a friend we got the chance to play a festival nearby with Entombed headlining or got the chance to do a gig with Abandoned through a club we are member of.

And last but not least, we got to meet many many nice people and musicians and that is what is really great. Going to new places, meet nice people and have fun. :rock:
I surely don't want to miss that ever again.