RIP Leslie West


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You know if this year was a person, I swear I'd get an assault charge.
Neil, Eddie, Leslie...
I always loved his playing. Wow


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I heard through(internet ) his brother said he was in the hospital with congestive heart failure.
Was expecting the worse/hoping for the best


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1970 ‘Climbing‘ with ‘Never In My Life’ and ‘Mississippi Queen‘ moved the needle on the Guitar-O-Meter, no doubt.


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Got to have lunch with him and Elliott of Dean guitars. One funny fucker for sure. His stories about the Stern show were hilarious!

Thanks for the memories,kind sir.


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I remember hearing this tune a long time ago on a guitar instrumental compilation cd and listening to it over and over - simple but haunting
RIP Leslie



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Man, sad day
When Mississippi queen hit the radio, I lived in cali and they played it nonstop. Normally that makes me hate a song because I heard it too much, but his tone on that song was one of the first times I can ever remember thinking "That guitar tone is badass to its core"
Plus his vibrato was killer!