She's the Breast Pianist I've Ever Seen!


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Goodness....I need a cigarette....

The whole thing was enjoyable but that last run at the end, keys getting tickled, bosoms bouncing, hair all messed up....ahhh yes, what a great Friday night...

Just for the record, I'd never be able to look at my sheet music if she was playing in front of me. I can tell you right now, I would have emptied the spit out of my instrument about 100 times.....


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sytharnia1560":moync8fs said:
camera man needs to up his game though :LOL: :LOL:

LOL... Seemed like that performance was shot very tongue-in-cheek from the production team. Lots of over the piano shots framed to make it look like she was in her birthday suit. Brilliant and I think they were having a good time with it.


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Beyond Black":2tnsybp2 said:
That was a racktacular performance. Truly titillating. :inlove:


Dude, you can't ask for better mammaries than that from a performance.

If the DVD has a "wardrobe malfunction bloopers" chapter, I'll pillage and kill through Best Buy to get a copy. The only thing left when I drive out of the parking lot will be piles of corpses and a huge boner.....

Mr. Willy

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You know all the other women showed up to the gig in their plain black outfits, took one look at her, and thought...”whore.”


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Like that she kind of rocked out with it. A lot of no-look playing and feeling it while shredding those keys.


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You are welcome to post here anytime at will, it was titillating racktaciliciousness beyond compare?


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Beyond Black":3nd3xitb said:
They’d all sound better on my male organ.


I'll piggyback on that and say if I was sitting next to her on that bench....a few more of those keys would have a whitish hue.... :D