Single malts

Currently open: Glenmorangie 15, Dalmore 12. Enjoy them both.
Also open: Tullamore Dew, but that typically ends up in homemade whiskey sours.

I'm more of a Speyside/Highlands person than Islay. My buddy is deep into Ardbeg, Lagavulin, etc.
I’m not huge into the petey stuff but the pulteney and aultmore 12s are awesome !
Aultmore 12 is indeed lovely. Speyside. You should also try Aberlour Double Cask; bourboun- and sherry-barrel oak aged. I had that one as well; really nice!
Glenkinchie 12 is nice as well.
I'm a peat freak. Current bottles include Ardbeg Wee Beastie, Ardbeg 10, Laphroaig Quarter Cask, Laphroaig 10, And Glenlivet Nadura Peat Cask. That Glenlivet may be the most balanced and creamy scotch I've ever had the pleasure to consume. Just pure pleasure on the tongue. I can sip a single pour of that for over an hour and enjoy every single second of it.
Favourite "easy everyday" of mine would be Dalwhinnie. For a more serious drink I would usually enjoy Lagavulin or Oban.
And then, when we talk serous business, Laphroaig is a must.
My my how bout just some fuckn budweiser
So if you start a 'Who's your favourite hot latina?' thread, you'd be o.k. with us chimin' in with a "Hey, how 'bout Rosie O'Donnell, huh?" :poop:

@stanbog I tried the Dalwhinnie 15 next to the Dalmore 15 years ago; greatly preferred the Dalmore. Less direct 'burn', more complex to my taste at least.
Budweiser is piss water just saying ... if your going to have a beer might as well have a tasty one no ?
It really is. But the original Czech version is rather nice.
Whenever I'm in the US, and I'm drinking beer, I avoid Bud, Coors, Miller with a passion. Sex in a canoe.
Purely taste-wise (so leave aside all old blue collar guy/hipster/fratboy connotations) even PBR has them beat.