Sold: 1996 Wizard MC 1


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Hey All,

Recently went on an amp bender and am continuing to clear house:

Purchased from a well-regarded member here recently, I am including his original description and some info from me as well:

This is my fourth wizard and, unfortunately, I bought several amps recently and I’m moving into more of the Mesa sound. The Description below is from the original ad. I will add 3 more pieces of info: 1) I believe this is the same circuit that was on load/reload/garage inc. 2) the early circuit is very raw and Marshall like, but lacks the “lead boost” of more contemporary MC 1. Personally, even when I owned a MC 1 with that function, I used an external boost. This one plays nice with pedals and I just ran a tube screamer in front and it opens up very well. 3) I believe the pull lead switch may need a clean as when I physically pull it, the light flickers for a second then stays on. It is just the light as the switch immediately engages. When I switch it on with the foot switch it moves over and stays on consistently. Just a heads up. Fantastic condition. Feels amazing. Sounds even better.

*Super Clean Condition,
*New matched EL34’s
*Runs flawlessly
* Quiet Ch switching - No loud pop
*Hi-Low input update done years ago by Rick @ Wizard, with plugged orig input.
*Master Volume installed by Dan @ Dr Dan Amplfication, works incredibly well for adjustments once you have channels balanced.
**This master is completely ‘out of the circuit’ (100% stock) when set at full**
*This amplifier is ‘the loudest’ amp I’ve ever owned. It’s a different beast than the newer Wizards with the V Transformers. It’s much more Marshall-like with that kerrrang in the upper mids.
Aggressive & Raw with C transformers.

SOLD shipped f/f. Thanks for looking.
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That one was made around the same time as the one that Hetfield treasures, right?

That’s the one. The load/reload/garage inc sound. I think there were 400 ish total made. Unsure how many were 100 watts. I had an updated mc 1 (from 2010) that was similar to this that was purchased by zakk wylde. This solves issues like the channel switching pop etc. a super raw Marshall style wizard that sounds nothing like my mc ii to be honest.