Sold out of J/40 oz and H/50 oz frames for six weeks...

Scumback Speakers

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Well, it's been busy, and no one stopped ordering. As of today I am completely out of 50 oz / H magnet frames, and now I'm down to
the last 5 J/40 oz frames.

Anything with an "H" or "J" in the model will be unavailable for six weeks until my next pile comes in.

It was supposed to be here before Xmas (I ordered 8 months ago), but as you all know, the whole supply chain
thing is all screwed up with delays. I had a years's worth of those H & J frames in April. Everybody bought more than I
forecasted for.

The supply chain problem is no joke. It’s putting businesses out left and right. Stay afloat!
Just got shipping notice of 200 J and 200 H frames yesterday. They'll be here next week. I'll remove the restriction from ordering them as soon as they've arrived and I've tested a few to make they're built right.