Sorry but I didn't know where to post this. Help plz


I can't post on the member's classified section, either make a thread or post on one created by someone else. I can't send PMs either. But I could do all that as late as October 2020. Can a mod please help me?

Monkey Man

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And what about PMs? I could also send PMs, but now I can't.
Same for PM's, mate.

Can't explain what happened before October 2020. Either you created a new account, a bunch of your posts were removed or the rules changed back then, the latter being unlikely 'cause AFAIK they haven't changed since before I became a member back in early 2016.

There's been a number of major deletions in the OT section these past few years so maybe it was that?


Ok, I'll wait until I have 50 posts. I'm not a new member though. I've been coming here almost everyday since before I've even became a member, I just don't post much anywhere. And about me posting on the member's classified section, I can tell you that I replied to fatbagg before he was banned, when he posted his IIC+ DRG for sale, and even exchanged PMs with him about it. But it's alright, I'll wait then. I know is to protect other members from scams and what not.


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You’re lucky because when we originally created the rule to combat rampant fraud occurring in the classifieds, I was one of the members requesting over 100 posts for classifieds access and 50 for PM rights.
Well its a good thing rampant fraud has been eliminated. :checkthisout: