Sound quality in CAB M+ through headphones


New member
Since the pandemic started, I've been practicing my guitar exclusively through my computer interface, and using a pair of high quality Beyerdynamic headphones. I recently bought the CAB M+, because I was advised that it would be the right way to get the most out of my pedals (overdrive and distortion). I find a lot of the pre-sets in the CAB M+ have a sort of hollow sound - it's difficult to describe, but it sounds like I'm listening to it play through the bottom of a tin can. It's seems to go away when I turn off the microphones, and the sound comes forward with high fidelity. Is this the nature of using headphones with this kind of set-up? I'm sure it's not the quality of my headphones - they are really pro quality. But it seems like I'm disabling an important feature of the CAB M+ by turning off the microphones.