Sovtec Mig 50 Cameron Jose $1550.00

I have a killer Sovtec Mig 50 modded by Mark Cameron with the High/Low gain Jose mod.

Mods on this amp are

1. Cameron Jose mod
2. Bright switch(On the front)
3. 5 way voicing switch
4 Presents knob
5. Depth knob
6. Mid shift

This amp has 3 Pre-Amp tubes

1550.00 Gift or pay the fee.

Trade Value 1900.00

Axe-FX 3
Lexicon PCM 80-81 plus cash
Quad Cortex
Fractal FM3 plus cash

I ship fast and power tubes will be labeled and boxed.

Here is a clip from a previous owner.


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Sounds really good. I’d buy this, but I’ve been down that road. It’s a nice drive tho......


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Everything he builds sounds incredible he might be flaky but he does build/mods a great sounding amp. If I had the money I would buy this in a heartbeat it sounds great good luck with the sale