Splawn Quick Rod


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Here are few clips that I've recorded with the Splawn Quick Rod.

Tornado Of Souls Solo

Solo I Composed

Grossmann SG-Box Review

Youtube Channel Teaser


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A new collaboration video recorded with Splawn QuickRod, its a more pro mix then the ones before so It would give you a better idea.



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The Splawn Quick Rod not only has the most amazing tone, it is also high quality.
So many amps today are so flimsy you can tell after a few years they will start to fall apart, but not the Splawn amps as they are built with very high quality components and can take a beating!


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I agree,
I like it much more everyday I play it.

Here is a new video with the quickrod and a jackson sl-1. I hope you guys like it.



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Absolutely love my QuickRod. Unfortunately I am selling it due to my back getting it's a$$ kicked from carrying it around while gigging (14 years of power forward hockey = destroyed back!) and a new baby on the way.

If you like vintage marshall and hot rodded marshall tones… there is nothing better than Splawn QuickRods!

+1 on Scott being awesome.


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Bumping every review thread to get to 50 posts is a dick move there buddy. A pox upon you and may your classified ads do poorly.


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Scott is one of the nicest guys you could ever deal with, extremely sincere, honest and stands by his word!


And none of this is helping my gas.. Seems as though everyone is happy with their splawns and willing to get the word out. A good sign for a small company!

The Fight

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Yes finally found the Splawn section.
I my self am a happy owner of two Quick Rods and I will say those amps rock! I have so many amps I don't know if I'll ever even play them, but the QR always get attention. This is a great work horse for live playing, and it just sounds so good!


shane159":3s3ix8bs said:
I agree with all above. I have owned so many amps in the past and I recently got a 2010 Quick Rod and it is by far the best amp I have owned. I was nervous due to all the weird mid and other odd complaints, but I don't get that at all. I thought the Shiva was the end all amp for me, and it was a great amp,but the Splawn does everything I wished the Shiva would do. The Shivas cleans are outstanding, but honestly with a little reverb, I can get the Splawn almost, if not as good as the Shiva's. My other guitar player has a 1983 JCM 800 2203 and the QR makes it sound like an A.M. Radio, and I loved that 800. The Splawn just has so much more punch and balls.

One of my good buds is in the exact same boat as you. He had a Shiva for a few years and loved it; he thought it was his one-all, end-all as well. Then I told him about a Quickrod for sale at the local GC over the summer (2010 model too), and he bought it on the spot after only jamming for a couple minutes on it. And hearing it in person sounded so good that I traded one of my amps for one last week haha, so now we both have one. Very probable that it's the best Marshall-esque amp you can buy for the money hands down.

For me though, I noticed the "weird mids" even before I read about other people commenting on it. It can sound very nasally if you don't pair it with dark speakers. As long as you stay away from V30s there are a lot of good options. Currently I'm rocking a pair of Celestion Lynchbacks and my QR just screams through it. I would bet these sound killer through a stock Marshall 1960 cab with the T-75 speakers. The QR is very bass heavy, and to be honest I wish it had a resonance control but backing off the bass to about 10 o'clock works just fine.

Anyone else zero out the Presence, Bass, and Treble and still get a kickass tone?? Those three controls don't offer a lot of range, but the mid control is what really gives this amp its versatility.

Seriously, this is quickly becoming my favorite amp. Cuts through a mix like a hot knife through butter. Right now I have a Jet City Earhart (Jet City badged Cornford MK50H II) and a Bogner 101b (borrowing though) and to be honest I'm digging my Quickrod over the Ecstasy and Earhart.


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Thought I'd update my experience.
I had 2 QR's, one older 2006 and a 2014 B+.
Happy as hell...
Then, when the 2016 upgrades came out, I couldn't help myself. I acquired a loaded 2016 with the new/old switch, voltage switch, and mid cut switch. I was really looking for that sound of the older 2006 model (FRICKIN AMAZING), with the new features such as 4 button foot switch, great clean, mode switching, and transparent effects loop.
Anyway, the 2016 IS THE SHIT!!!! Truly killer amps. I have another on the way as a spare now as well.
Can say enough about these new QR's and their features and tone!!

The solo button feature is just ideal for live, as is the mode switch (changes gears) and sweet clean channel. I have a smaller pedal board now too, because I just don't need much more than this excellent core tone. Maybe a little chorus, little delay, boost for cleans and that's it. Just wonderful.

I will definitely recommend trying a Splawn QuickRod if you get a chance. Although, I ordered my first one without ever playing one. No regrets here.
Carry on...