The Motocross Nationals start this weekend!!

I doubt Roczen is going to see anything from the factory. Suzuki has backed out of factory racing of all genres and tiers, and no new development from any of their consumer/production machinery in a few years. Unless the company makes a huge turnaround financially we're not going to see much, if anything, new. Except BNG. :ROFLMAO:
Nice to see Webb win again, and still tenacious as ever.
Shimoda looked great in last year's MX. Hope he's back at it again. Seems like such a lost last few seasons for PC, too.
Webb is showing some of his old beast mode that he was lacking last season. Very cool to see that. Plessinger hanging in there too. Baker factory representing.

Was anyone else laughing their head off at Anderson taking himself AND Barcia out? That was great.
Agreed, I think he thought there was a bit more crown molding on the top edge under that tuff block than ended up actually being there :LOL: :LOL:
While I never had an issue with contact as a periodical element of racing, Barcia's tendency to smash and grab has made everyone Leary of passing him. Even guys who are noticeably faster than he is. Hell Roczen trailed him for multiple laps a few races ago just to not have to deal with potentially getting injured to get by him.
Ive done it, and had it done to me many times, but I never made a deliberate decision to take someone out unless they had done it to me or they were sand-bagging the class and just wanted to take home a trophy when they clearly should have been in a faster class. That shit is NOT tolerated...
Nor should it be...
Happy for Webb.

Me too. Anytime someone throws a monkey wrench into the race to race outcomes, I love it. Nothing more boring than knowing who's gonna win on any given weekend! You give Coop an inch and he will do his best to take a mile :LOL:
Anyone going to Atlanta this year?
I can't make Daytona either, I'm knee deep in a remodel that I can only do on weekends, and Ive got to finish it this weekend.
Would have loved to make it. Last time I made it, it rained hard and really screwed things up. Its not as bad if its a National, but it really slows everything down for SX
I’ll be at Lane Farm MX but should be home in time for most of the qualifying.

A friend’s friend back in September when we were there.


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I’ve got 6% and sunny. Fingers crossed.


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Webb is on a roll and seems like he's comfortable on the east coast (close to home)
It's a long track, where Tomac usually does well.
AC9 is possibly out (again!; no news flash.)
Ferrandis is out (again!)
Sexton has a chance to throw it away (again!)
Roczen's fade starts after lap 2.