Things that bug you about gear


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I mean, I avoid the gear that has aspects that bug me. Most of the shit I hate about gear, keeps me from using said gear.

I fucking hate super fiddly stuff. Floyds, the newer Mark series boogies, most floor unit modelers.

I dislike lower headroom amps people pretend are for stage volume.

I also really dislike certain neck carves, like the Ibanez wizard neck and a couple others.

I refuse to use any ILok software.


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Right, they have this amazing look and history, have so many different jaw dropping finishes, I just can’t get comfortable playing them. Sitting, standing, you name it and it’s a struggle.

They definitely make you play differently, too.

Which in turn can make you sound different when you play them


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Too many things being only available in basic black. I'd like some vibrant colors every now and again

More to do with me than the gear.... Fucking decision paralysis. Too many choices at my fingertips and not being able to decide on what I want to the point I end up burning myself out.


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The most annoying thing with Gear, is that where I'm from, Gear means Cocaine. So things like GAS, sound hillarious if explaining it to a local. Also when I hear people saying they are "selling lots of good gear" I chuckle


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I've been saying it, it is real. Great tone is HEAVY! I fucking hate the weight!

Boogie amps are the best but they are heavy MF'ers for sure, and the little ones don't cut it when gigging at band volume.


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The weight! I used to carry 4x12 Marshall cabs up and down stairs, cart it around in my '75 Camaro! Same with Marshall heads. I picked them up like they were a lunch-box. Now? Too heavy.


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Spending a few weeks planning and building an all encompassing pedalboard that let's me run 3 amps and their effects loops simultaneously but every time something gets moved or there's an issue I spend 30 minutes tracing cables trying to figure out what the problem is. By the time I figure it out I'm so pissed off I dont want to play anymore.

Edit: another one: trying to record a really simple riff and double it and no matter what you cant get it right even though you've played it a million times and next thing I know I'm spitting on my guitar and punching it until I give up and go watch tv in rage.
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