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Hi! I recently bought the pedal in question and the thing I noticed is this obvious high frequency background noise, even without connecting anything to the input and bypassing everything (pre, power, cab, eq ...). Is it normal?

here you can listen:

BASS all bypassed (pre.power,cabinet,eq...)
BASS with pre,power,cab sim ON
BASS TranZformer API as pre - power, cab SIM

This is the BACKGROUD NOISE with nothing plugged in and output dose to MUTE!

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Dilan - Two notes

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@denilsonbs I am sorry I missed your message. Can you please submit a ticket on the Two notes helpdesk directly please? (

It will be easier to have the technical team involved through the Two notes helpdesk.


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I bought the M+ couple of days ago for using it to record straight ionto my DAW.
Indeed there was a fairly amount of hiss when using the XLR out to my sound-interface. But after some testing using a balanced JACKcable into the interface the hiss was hardly noticable, almost deadquiet.
Switching back to using an XLR cable there was a lot more hiss. SO I am happy with the jackoption.
So it could be an impedance difference/issue with the CAB M+'s output and any interface input. And/or the difference between XLR(MIc preamp) input or JACK(Line level) input on your interface.
Maybe this is of some help.
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