Turn around time for a mod?


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Hey guys Don't know whats up but i have two modded Marshall's, Modded pre 500 Recto, Peavy 5150II and a custom WitchDr Never had A problem Or lack of communication with him. Great guy maybe something is up? Hope everything is ok.
Why would you ruin a pre 500 Recto?


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Haven't been on Rig-Talk for a long time, poking around to see what's still active here & saw this thread, bit depressing. The Voodoo Amps account hasn't posted on RT in over 4 years; did the two posters who still had amps in for mods ever get them resolved/returned? It's been ages, but when Trace did platinum-mod of a Marshall head & another repair for me 11-12 years ago, both were incredibly professional interactions.