Turn around time for a mod?


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Hey guys Don't know whats up but i have two modded Marshall's, Modded pre 500 Recto, Peavy 5150II and a custom WitchDr Never had A problem Or lack of communication with him. Great guy maybe something is up? Hope everything is ok.
Why would you ruin a pre 500 Recto?


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Haven't been on Rig-Talk for a long time, poking around to see what's still active here & saw this thread, bit depressing. The Voodoo Amps account hasn't posted on RT in over 4 years; did the two posters who still had amps in for mods ever get them resolved/returned? It's been ages, but when Trace did platinum-mod of a Marshall head & another repair for me 11-12 years ago, both were incredibly professional interactions.


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For the life of me I can’t seem to remember the other guys name now. It’s in my phone somewhere.
Anyways yes we both received our amps back.
The other forum member spearheaded it really. He called nonstop till someone answered the phone. It is what it is. I don’t feel the need to drag anyone through the mud. 3 1/2 years holding not one but at least two amps (untouched). Not answering or returning calls should be everything anyone needs to know about this company period.