Tweaker 88


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Hello all. I recently bought a Tweaker 88 Head and wanted to say it sounds awesome! I have several other amps (my main rig is a complicated stereo wet-dry-wet setup that I don't like to breakdown or transport) but I see a future where the Tweaker 88 becomes my grab-and-go #1 amp. It's size and weight relative to that of a full size 28"- 30" valve head lends itself to that very purpose. I hate lugging around tube combos also. Plus it is versatile and not at all underpowered! In fact, the KT88 power section is what originally piqued my interest in it years ago. I just wasn't in a position to take the leap on it back then. I must say it is what I hoped it was. The KT88s are something fierce. At first I plugged into a 112 cab [Eminence Cannabis Rex} then added a 115 cab [Eminence Legend 1518] to the party. They both sound killer! Punchy and huge with a helping of sparkly high end! On first inspection I thought the shared tonestack might cause a problem dialing the amp in, but in practice it really doesn't. I originally thought similarly about the omission of a Presence control, but turns out it isn't really needed. However, I am of the opinion that a second "amp character" switch (one for Rhythm channel and one for Lead channel) would have been an amazing feature. The footswitch is great! The switches are powerful on this amp. I added a kill switch for turning off the fan when I need to. So, there's that. All-in all very pleased. Keep rockin'.
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