Van Halen

Live at Castle Donington 1984.
I believe this is Dave's last show. (wrong - just last tour. Last show in 80's was 4 shows later in Germany)
This was posted 20 hours ago.
Not sure how long it will last (up on Youtube).

1984 Castle Donington show (rare) one of Dave's last shows. Downloaded to DropBox by @RevDrucifer
Here you go-


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The Mighty Van Halen!
Monsters Of Rock Tour
Castle Donington
Leicestershire, England
08 -18-1984

It's an honor for me to share with you the Holy Grail of 1984 tour footage!
It was shared with me with the instructions to share it with the world because it was being bootlegged and sold on DVD.
This video is not being monetized and it never will be on this channel.

This footage was shot 39 years ago with a single camera "documentary" style on 35mm film,
with exc mono sound (maybe stereo, but def not soundboard) probably recorded on a Nagra tape recorder.
The crew consisted of a cameraman, sound recordist and a camera assistant.
The camera operator had only about 10 minutes of film, before he had to switch to a new magazine and continue shooting. That's why there are so many edits.
It's my guess that this footage was paid for by the band for their personal archives, and eventually it was edited and transferred via telecine to videotape.

If you read this photocopy of the ledger from the Van Halen archive at Pacific Title
( you can see this footage listed at the top of the page.
It lists the length at 67min total, which what this footage is which means that this is all the footage from this camera from this show that exists.

If you watch this film closely you can see two other camera crews shooting this show.
So you had:
1. This camera, 35mm film, hired by the band.
2. A BBC 35mm film camera, shooting for "Old Grey Whistle Test" in the pit in front of Ed during "Hot for Teacher". That footage is already on YT.
3. A video crew as well shooting for the IMAG video screens at the festival. Those cameras consist of 2 handheld tube video cameras in the pit downstage left and right, as well as a tube video camera on a dolly on Ed's side that doesn't move much. You can see the video truck these cameras were connected to early on in this video behind Ed and Al when they were waiting to go onstage.
Who knows where that footage is?

Educate yourself:
Want to know what's in the VH Vault?
Here's the set of photocopies of the Pacific Titles Archives ledger:
Read those and you'll know as much as anyone else.
It does not cover what's on the shelves at 5150.
(Yes, Oakland '81 is listed, but not as a complete film, only as a complete multitrack audio recording. Warners only paid to shoot 3 songs, the 3 singles from that album, for promo purposes. There is no complete Oakland '81 film to be had.)

Ed and Al created this band.
They are the engine that powered the band from day one until the last gig.
Dave came in with manic energy, financial backing and a vision to
achieve greater glory than backyard parties in Pasadena.
Mike brought musicianship and killer vocals.
In 1984 they were the best rock band on the road.
They earned every bit of success they ever had.

Honor Ed's legacy, and the hard work that Al, Dave and Mike
put in back then by sharing this with fellow fans.
Do not post anything negative or it will be taken down.
I don't care what you like and don't like. This isn't about you.
It's about enjoying rare live footage of Van Halen in 1984.
It's also a celebration of the greatest American rock band of the 20th century.
Enjoy it!
No Bozos!

8/23/23 someone on Facebook posted this:

I found out that the video had no sound so someone took the audience recorded bootleg and matched it to the video. Someone was saying that is was a guy named Curt Gooch who “stole” the video footage. Can anyone confirm this?
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Anyways, here's a picture of early Van Halen