Van Halen

Let me know if you still can't see it after awhile Nicky.

I can see it fine. It is hosted on imgur.

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Strange - it's showing now.

Previously when it didn't I actually went into edit mode for your post to see if there was an attachment but nada.

Anywho, thanks mate.
I believe the release date for 1984 shown here was strictly for radio stations as no new music was to be played until New Years Eve. I'll never forget that night hearing the songs "1984" and "Jump" for the first time at a lock-in with a group of friends. I was too young an naïve to know that there was a giant rift between Edward and Dave that was to rip the band apart following the tour of 1984.

Example why Van Halen > Van Hagar:

One of my fav DLR vocal tracks; Hagar's voice isn't even close. DLR's voice and style are unique and instantly recognizable. Hagar's voice isn't either.

Like Robert Plant and many others (Vince Neil), DLR's voice didn't survive the stress of the early days, and world tours.