What Orange amp do you have?

Decided the AD30 wasn't enough for me. great for what it is but just wasn't for me. So, i have recently aquired this rig.


Got a great deal on both, brand new. I replaced the chinese tubes it comes with with EHX 12AX7's and Winged C EL34's. Sounds great and has more gain availble then i'll ever need.
I really need to snap a pic, but I have:
Dual Terror
Dark Terror
Root #4 Terror

To be honest I love them all. They are all just different enough to keep.
Been thinking of getting an AD30htc head for some Zep tones. I have a Mesa MK III and Mk V and thinking of kicking the Mk III for an orange. :confused:
Just got rid of an AD30HTC. I didn't have the post count to list it here. Great amp. Does mid gain, classic rock really well.
Well, let me take a looky here.... ? :confused:







I tried a few and settled on the Retro 50.... :) to me that one had the best tone out of the bunch!! They are all pretty good though.
Orange Crush CR120C.

No tubes, no standby but awesome! Hands down the BEST solid state I've owned or played!


figured i would use this to introduce myself to the forums ...soooo hi!

my 2014 Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII and my rack set up. the Egnater cab is just for home practice use, my normal cab is a Marshall MF280B cab. it has served me well but i think it is time for a new cab.
I'm happy to own an awesome Orange AD30TC combo. Great amp for all kinds of rock. With the right pedals in front of it it can also deliver serious metal tones. Also love the "clean"(er) channel of the AD30.
Started out with a Micro Terror running through a custom 1x12 with a Avatar/Fane M65. Like the sound so much I just picked up a Dual Terror. Running that through an Egnater TM2x12 with a Celestion Classic Lead 80 and an Eminence Man -O-War.