Yeah I finally got it


Fucking Covid. Got me. Brothers.... it’s beat ing the wild. Beast out me


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If this is real, I’m very sorry! But, don’t these messages seem a little suspicious being so close apart? And then a death announcement message an hour later? Hacked account? Again, I hope it’s not real because it’s too sad :( just seems odd
Yes, I posted the same thing earlier, but deleted it.

If true, this is HORRIBLE NEWS and TRULY TRAGIC.

But if he posted that he was not feeling well, and then within the next hour...... passes away, and his wife goes to Rig Talk to send a message regarding his passing ?

Very confused, and hoping that it is not true.
Oh my God! I can't believe this I honestly thought it was a joke. My deepest thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family he will be deeply missed here also!
Dan posted he had COVID in 2020 so the title “yeah I finally got it” is very odd. Hoping this is some kind of sick, fucked up hack job but if not I feel for his family and all who knew him. RIP mailman.