Dan has passed

Holy shit. Oh man.

So sorry to hear about his passing and your loss Lyn. ❤️

Dan was the all-'round good guy; not a bad bone in his body. Such a wonderful sense of humour too. I know all here at Rig Talk will be shocked and feel his loss deeply.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that you'll be in our thoughts and prayers, Lyn. This is such a shock for all of us.
It's natural to feel lost and in a daze right now Lyn. It's always the way these things go unfortunately.

Hopefully it will help to know that there's a huge number of good people here who really loved and appreciated him, so you're not alone in feeling this way, although it'll no doubt be toughest for you.

The only good news in these situations based on my own experience, apart from his being at peace, is that it gets a little bit easier every day. One never truly gets over a big loss, but again, at least dealing with it does become easier as time goes on.

Know that although it feels like it's your burden alone to carry, you're not alone and we all send our thoughts and prayers your way. ❤️