Yngwie Shreeding on a 1959 Les Paul


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That store is amazing. Love that place. He used to go to Guitar Broker in Ft. Lauderdale but now that Walt Grace Vintage opened Closer to his Rehearsal Room he is there a lot.


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Agreed. Amazing how similar he sounds on the LP here as he does on his Strats. The “tone is in the hands” argument is strong here. He looks good here. Thinned out and tan. Looks like he’s taking care of himself.
I agree about the Les Paul working great for his style (maybe better than his strats in some ways), but I feel his tone is quite different here than when he used his older strats. He still sounds like Yngwie of course with his vibrato and phrasing and all, but not the same tone imo. I think if he played some slower stuff and better quality recording, the tonal differences would be more noticeable, but still there

I can tell also the Les Paul is inspiring him to play some stuff that you don’t typically hear him do as much on his strats, which is cool. I never fully agreed with the tone is in the fingers saying. I say playing is in the fingers, tone is the sum of all the parts and the fingers is part of it, but not everything. With classical and flamenco guitar the fingers themselves I feel contribute a lot more to the overall quality of tone
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