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Post em up and why.

This thing has been my main for about two months; I had a low key jones for this for about four years, it’s pretty much everything I wanted as far as specs go and when it showed it lived up to the hype I’d built up in my head. Adam D Caparison sig.


Neck is disgusting, sort of a cross between an ESP and a Jackson neck, SS tiny frets, one KSE Fishman pickup, push/pull on the knob for different voices.

This thing slays in drop C for the faster metal/doomy shit I play.

What you got?
EVH USA Wolfie. Love that thing for the past 10 years!!!! Cherry red. Stainless vintage frets. Medium low action,. d drop C tuning in one. Aldrich Bridge pickup, inverted toggle switch, Bournes low friction pot. Just a killer player and sounds soooo sweet.
1985 Norlin Les Paul Custom

Mahogany neck
SS Jescar jumbo frets
Stock 12” radius up to the 11th fret
Custom 14” radius from 12-22nd fret
EMG 85/81 pickups
Converted to Nashville Gotoh bridge
Ebony fretboard
Real mother of pearl inlays
10 lbs

11-56 tuned Eb

She’s a monster.

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This one just always wins in tone when I compare it to anything else. It plays and feels great, not too heavy and balances well. The strings just seem to resonate like crazy and it has super sweet intonation. I'm sure a good RI/Historic/et al could best it but this plain ole '13 Standard just gets it done. I bought it from R/T member @Braciola .

Mine is the esp custom shop kamikazie that Steve K gave to me. I put a dimarzio x2n in it. It’s the thickest mean sounding guitar I’ve owned. And I’ve owned 400 plus electrics the years.


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Probably just cause it’s a relatively recent build, and still had that ‘new car smell’ - but I do love the ‘78 bridge, lil ‘59 combo and I’m a big fan of the Wudtone trem. That and this neck is just a dream.


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USA, no imports in the camp! Two customs, three signatures and a early production. The KV1 was not a custom shop model.
Correct, but in late 1999 they discontinued the KV1 as the Y2KV was in production for Y2K. I ordered a Korina KV1 through the custom shop, it did not have Mustaine’s signature anywhere but was to KV1 specs. I guess technically it was a CS King V. It even had my name on the headstock. I had to sell it when times where tough, got it back at one point in a straight up trade for my trans red Y2KV but had to sell a couple years later. I’ve been keeping my eye out for it for a long time.