Your Diezel Vid

Not my video but there is a vh4 and a herb in the song that teaches you how to write like Trent Reznor! ;)

Hi all! Just got a great deal on a Diezel VH4 and cab and had to take my only chance to own this dream gear! Got my Carvin back from the shop with a Black Hawk 7 now installed in the bridge, and here is my first play on the amp, just messing around with some riffs from my band. It's through an SM57 and is an accurate representation of what I'm hearing, can't wait to dial it in and get playing with the band on it! \m/ Wow! I didn't even analyse how it sounded, I just kept playing. Amazing, amazing amp, and I haven't scratched the surface yet.
Hey Everyone,

Recently got back into doing video game music covers and thought I'd share, since I've been using the Diezel VH4 for the electric guitar parts.

Diezel VH4 w/ Chorus and Flange for the verses. Echo and Reverb for the melody at the end. Channel settings and a single Shure SM57 as shown in the vid.

Diezel VH4 w/ Chorus for all leads, completely dry for heavy rhythm. Same channel settings as above, and single SM57.

Hope you enjoy!
Hey Guys, finally I found some time, doing a short playthrough with my new Diezel Herbert Mk2.

PRS Custom 24 "Experience 2011 LTD", loaded with BKP Nailbomb (ceramic) into Diezel Herbert -> Mesa Rectifier 4x12 -> Shure SM57 - BAE 1073 MP Pre -> Fireface UFX converters -> Pro Tools 11

No post processing beside a gentle HP@100Hz and a LP@12kHz

Hope, you like it:

I used the Einstein almost exclusively for our new record (out January 2016). One thing I would note is that even though we play extreme metal, a rear-loaded cab seemed to sound a little bit better for a studio application, whereas the front-loaded is more effective live. Cheers. :rock: