Your Diezel Vid

Any new Paul user wanna share a video? :D I've seen everything on Youtube but I feel we miss a good video on the Paul still :)
Hi all,

got my Hagen this week, fell in love and created my first gear demo video - I’m still learning and trying to figure out how these things work though. Recorded the day after I got the amp home, it’s a monster! Easy to dial in, but yet versatile!

Hope you like it!

Not really a "Diezel demo vid" per se, as it's an old pedalboard demo of mine, and it's mostly full of me talking and messing with effects, but it's all going via my properly mic'ed Herbert, so all the sounds are that... and it'll no doubt some of it will be the weirdest sounds you've heard come out a Diezel and shows off the massive bottom end. :)
Hey Diezel fam, I just did this Tool - Lateralus cover. I'm no pro guitarist, or pro audio guy, so I did my best. Diezel VH2, Mesa 4x12 v30's SH5. I'm loving this VH2, I want to hear more comparisons of it with other Diezel's though.
Here an vid from a while back of my band practicing that I’ve posted in a few other places. This is my VHX mated with a Mesa Vertical 2x12 Recto. We are going to start playing shows soon, and I will be gigging with the VHX.

Will! First off, that video is awesome. The riffs are fantastic - AJ vibes. Secondly, I found your post cause I was googling how to update the VHX via USB, and landed on this post:

I realized I'm now the owner of your 13/89 VHX! I purchased it through Guitar Center, and just started to tinker with it. I notice you have a Behringer FB1010 in the video as well! That's the setup I was hoping to achieve. If you have a moment (or still check this), I'd love to connect for a few mins!

Keep rockin!




Ah shit. I read your old post too fast. Yours is serial 13/95, mine is 13/89. I mis-read and got super excited. You're probably looking at your Diezel is this guy smoking lol
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lol, you read my mind with the edit, that is exactly how it went down :LOL:

No way I’m selling mine - I was literally practicing for a gig 20 mins ago with it, lol. So I was sure you didn’t steal it in the past 20 mins.

Thanks for the compliments on the music! Def have some AJ influence. Here is a link a demo song I recorded with the VHX DI output: GBD Rough Mix.wav?dl=0
No vocals on it yet, but will be.

Oh, and the MIDI controller is a Roland FC-300, not a Behringer.
Man...I like this track a lot. The schim-esque riff around 5mins really takes its own personality once the 2nd guitar comes in. Has a great rise and release. Awesome track - 9 mins went by quick.

How was the Roland in terms of ease of setup? My Berighenger FB1010 is making me smash my head against a wall...
thanks! yeah the song has a quiet atmospheric intro as well that isn’t recorded, so it’s kind of a 3 part song. Our band name is Satartia and we are just now starting to play shows and get our social media going. Based in New England area.

Anyway, Roland was literally plug and play. There are some things I wish I had more control over with it. Haven’t been able to figure out how to turn expression pedals on and off - they are just always on. Another is there aren’t enough buttons for turning effect on and off so I ended up creating more profiles on the VHX and just switch to them when I need effects.