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    1986 Marshall JCM 800 2203

    This is correct
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    NAD: BAD SLO100 & Cab Question

    I’ve owned an SLO on two different occasions, and I could not get along with them either. To me, they fall into the same category as a Recto...completely unusable for me without a boost. At any gain level. Just my opinion of course
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    Mesa Mark IV price check

    Mik III and IV prices are out of control right now. Same goes for JCM 800s. Crazy expensive!
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    NGD: 2018 LPC

    Looks bitchin! I wish my black LPC had chrome hardware. My ‘78 Wine Red has nickel and I love it
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    Lynch 1989-90

    Maybe I’m the odd man here, but one of the things that I always loved about Lynch, is his lower gain tone. Compared to other players back then, his tone was clean and articulate. There was no hiding behind a wall of gain with him. Same goes for Paul Gilbert, in my opinion
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    Germino Lead 55LV in route, cab/speaker suggestions?

    Those are fantastic amps. I personally love them with Greenbacks.
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    NAD Marshall 6100LM

    I was a Marshall dealer for many years, and I can confirm that I had LOTS of DSL’s come back melted moles connectors.
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    WTB: White Les Paul Custom

    Whatcha got?
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    Good Amp and no pedals....????

    I can cover all of my bases with a 2 channel JVM. Clean to metal, I could be a happy man with only that amp
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    WTB: Looking for a Ceriatone Chupa

    Whatcha got?
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    Positive Grid Spark - Has anyone actually received one ?

    I’m curious about this little guy. Mainly for jamming along with backing tracks. What’s the consensus? Has anyone actually received one?
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    WTB / WTTF : Gibson SG

    I’m looking to add another SG to the stable. I’m only interested in Standards. No Specials , Faded etc. Whatcha got?
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    WTB: EHX 44 Magnum

    Anyone have one of these lying around?
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    WTB: Les Paul Custom and ES-335

    FOUND! Please delete