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    Diezel FS7HE (Herbert / D-Moll) Footswitch $200

    Sunday bump 😎
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    Diezel FS7HE (Herbert / D-Moll) Footswitch $200

    Bump and a price drop, someone help me clean out my music room. 😁
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    Front loaded 4x12

    FL cabs respond much faster IME, are very “pointy” (fizzy in your face top end and need to be eq’d for differently) and the bass is somewhat subdued, doesn’t surround you the way a RL does. With my VH4 I prefer RL by a mile, and keep it hooked to a Mesa Recto 412 since getting one a few months...
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    2021 Amp Rundown | Friedman, Marshall, Matchless, and then some!

    Cool video! My “The one that got away” was a Matchless JJ-30 I played sometime in the early 2000’s. Most sensitive and “connected” amp I’ve ever played. This from a metal player who loves Diezels. 😂 That thing with a Strat just blew me away. Couldn’t afford it then, can’t find one now. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    NAD: Herbert mk 3, but I think something is wrong with it

    Agreed, something is wrong. I’ve had Herb Mk2 in the past and now have a Mk3 and they RIIIIP! Yours sound as you stated: weak. Let us know what BAD says.
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    UAD Apollo interface: Headphone impedance/SPL?

    Anyone using a Universal Audio Apollo interface with high impedance headphones? Just ordered an X4 and gave my old Focusrite Scalett and my studio headphones to my son. Wondering if the Apollo has enough power to run a 300 ohm set of studio headphones from the headphone jack? Anybody running a...
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    Diezel FS7HE (Herbert / D-Moll) Footswitch $200

    Have a like new, bought this summer Diezel FS7HE foot switch for the Herbert and D-moll. Includes box and Diezel sticker, just like if you bought it new retail. No scratches, dings or dents. I received it new and tested it and then put it away. Uses a standard 1/4”guitar cable and does not...
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    What piece of gear has been a staple in your collection?

    My first American made guitar, a 1996 Fender Am Std Stratocaster I bought new after mowing lawns all summer. That and my father’s Telecaster he bought at the same time and never learned to play so gifted me about 5 years ago.
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    Thoughts on VH4 w Mesa Recto cab?

    To follow up: my brand new Mesa straight Recto 4x12 arrived today! (It‘s a Standard or “Oversized”) Backordered it a little over a month ago when I started this thread. Only had time to check it out a little before I had to leave for work, no break-in time, just get right into it with my VH4 and...
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    1960A with T75s: kinda awesome?

    I love my 1960B (from the late 90’s) but ONLY with Marshall or Marshall-based amps. All my other amps are shrill and lacking mids with that cab compared to others. Truthfully I prefer the 1960B with Marshall amps over the 1960BV, which some think is strange. Marshalls seem to benefit from the...
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    Thoughts on VH4 w Mesa Recto cab?

    Alright, I’m in. With the supply line problems everyone is having I just went ahead and ordered, should be here in about 2 weeks. Dealer said Mesa isn’t taking any new orders till they get caught up with supply chain problems so looks like it’s time to get while the getting’s good. Thanks guys.
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    Thoughts on VH4 w Mesa Recto cab?

    Anybody have any thoughts/experience with running a VH4 through a Recto cab? Seems like what I read is a mixed bag, some love, some hate. I’ve got a 2019 VH4, and a Herbert MK3 and have 2 Diezel FL 412 cabs, one K100, the other cab V30. looking for a deeper more growly sound to layer with the...
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    Don’t do it! Baddest-ass Marshall-ish high gainer out there, and I’ve owned just about all of them. 50 Watts of total annihilation. GLWTS, OP but i’d advise against it. 🤘🥳