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    Need a bridge humbucker for a project

    I am trying to revive and bring new life to a student of mine's instrument. I need a bridge humbucker for the project, I'd rather it not be active as he won't have the cash for batteries and he often leaves his guitar plugged in at home.
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    Affordable fuzz pedal with quality and versatility??

    Looking to get a fuzz pedal with some gain to it and something with a few adjustable parameters for versatility. Since it's going to be used sparingly, price is an issue so it's gotta be cheaper but quality. I know that is asking for a lot but it's worth discussion. Hoping to use it with an...
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    WTB: BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner tribute stealth

    It's a long shot but if anyone has one of these kicking around, I have a student that wants to buy one asap. Rare guitar.
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    What a sexy and rare guitar!! But that price!

    WOW... someone in here must know a bunch about this guitar. If I was rich, this guitar would be in my house right now. Crazy price.
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    WTB: Ibanez Iceman

    Looking for an iceman, nothing too rare or pricey. Something like the IC500 series or close to it.
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    WTB: covered pickups - Nickel or silver - passive or active

    Bought an ibanez destroyer, it came with an EMG 81/60 set and I am not a fan. I am looking for a bridge and a neck pickup. I would like a higher output bridge and lower output neck. Looking for but not limited to. Seymour Duncan sentient neck, JB, 59, distortion bridge, PAF neck, Suhr Aldrich...
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    Iron Gear Pickups?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the pickups from Iron gear. Generally I don't mind the prices of regular seymour, dimarzio and other companies and I have been known to pay more for boutique pups if I am GASing for them but these Iron Gear pickups seem pretty cool. They have a lot of options...
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    Thoughts on the Earthquaker Dunes?

    I have been searching for more boost/OD pedals and one that caught my eye/ear is the Earthquaker devices Dunes. I guess it's like a scaled back Pallisades. Lots of demos out there but every demo I can find is usually some hipster looking guy using the dunes through some sort of indie rock...
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    WTB: Suhr Koko boost reloaded

    Looking to buy or trade for a suhr koko boost reloaded If you are looking to sell or trade one, let me know!
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    Savage Drive or Precision Drive?

    I have a savage drive and I do enjoy it but it's become a second fiddle to my Kartakou warmer so it might be expendable. My question is, do I need both pedals or does the precision drive really kick that much ass for heavy music? Anyone in here own both that can give me some thoughts or...
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    FS: Greenhouse effects double edged OD/dist

    This pedal is incredible!! so warm and versatile. Have a listen to these demos!!! PIC: h $130 shipped. Will trade for a green rhino (buyer adds cash), a Suhr koko boost (I add cash).
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    David Allen pickups

    Two sets of David Allen blades, I have one brand new set and one set that was installed and then uninstalled within 72 hours because I sold the guitar they were in. These pickups are absolutely incredible strat style replacement pickups. Both come with original boxes. Sets are usually $280 a...
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    A question about Testament's old gear Skolnick and Peterson.

    Since there's so many shred heads in here, I thought I would ask a question. Possibly my favorite lead tone ever is Alex Sklonick's tone on the older Testament albums with the solo on "electric crown" being a fine example. What neck pickup and what amps / effects was he using in those days? The...